Rachel (negaduck911) wrote in wild_boyz,

Hi, I'm new! I don't know what anticipated me to look for a WildBoyz community now. I guess I was bored. I don't even know if the show is still going on. I've only seen a few episodes and they cracked me up!

But now for something interesting. I helped with the production of one of the episodes! I think it was first season, I don't know. I live in Anchorage, Alaska so I was definitely around when they filmed the Alaska episode, mainly for the reindeer portion. My mother's boss is the owner of the reindeer farm where that part of the episode was filmed. And since I've had many years experience as a reindeer handler, I was asked to come out and help out! I got to meet Steve-O and Chris and got my pictures taken with them! And that elf constume Steve-O wore? That was mine from my younger years doing a lot of Christmas promotional television and magazine adds around Christmas.

I'll never forget meeting those nutjobs :)
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